Terms and Conditions of Service

The terms and conditions for the Security Hotels certification, hereinafter SH, are provided within individual contracts, with the individual accommodation facilities or university campuses, hereinafter Structures.

The SH platform is owned by Kriptia USA inc. 66 W Flagler Street #900 Miami FL 33130. USA.

The services included in these Terms & Conditions, hereinafter T&C, are based on international guidelines and standards such as ISO 31000 – Risk Management, ISO 31030 – Travel Risk Management , ASIS International – ASIS Standards & Guidelines, UNI10459 – Security professional, press reports relating to the context of corporate structures and on the knowledge, experience, expertise of Security Hotels professionals in certifying companies, accommodation structures and university campuses at an international level.

The word “service” means the certification process in matters of safety and risk assessment to which the Customer is subjected according to the SH Regulation delivered to each individual customer. This regulation defines the scope and phases of the certification process, the criteria and parameters with which the Structures are certified, the certification levels based on the type of accommodation facility, rights and duties of the parties, duration of the certification and its maintenance.

As anticipated, SH certifications are assigned following an evaluation process of the requesting structure through questions, checks and audits relating to the main aspects of safety.

The certification process is divided into the following steps:

  1. Step 1: The Structure that intends to be certified must use the form on the website www.securityhotels.com to contact SH; identifies the most suitable certification and proceeds with the payment of the initial fee relating to the booking of the service. This amount is due and will not be refunded if we cannot proceed with the requested certification.

Once the payment is completed, the requesting structure will immediately appear in the SH map of certified structures on the website www.securityhotels.com with the wording “in the certification phase” .

  1. Step 2: In this phase, the requesting Structure will have to exhibit a series of preparatory documents for the economic offer for the assessment audit for certification purposes:
  • Updated certificate of the Chamber of Commerce or equivalent document;
  • the general characteristics of the requesting Structure, including the name of the legal representative and address of the physical location of the structure

The completion of the contractual relationship between SH and the Structure takes place with the return to SH of the countersigned offer and acceptance of the provisions of these Regulations, and subsequent amendments, which constitute an integral part of the offer and of which the Structure declares to know the content.

SH will preliminarily examine the documentation received and will request other documentation if this is deemed necessary for the purpose of accepting the application; if, on the other hand, you do not accept the certification application for the reasons listed below, you will notify the Structure within 10 working days. If the documentation received is deemed adequate, SH will confirm acceptance of the application and the start of the certification process in writing.

SH reserves the right NOT to accept the certification application from a Structure if there is evidence that the Structure itself:

  • is in a situation of liquidation, bankruptcy or arrangement with creditors;
  • has previously been the subject of a certificate revocation provision.

The countersigned contract is stipulated for a duration of 3 years and is tacitly renewed every 3 years, for the same duration, unless canceled by one of the parties to be communicated by registered letter return receipt within at least 90 days of the expiry of the certificate. The date on the receipt card will prevail. If, during the term of the contract, depending on the updated Structure data or tariff changes, it is necessary to modify the maintenance/renewal/extension rates, the new tariffs will be communicated to the Structure, to enable it to exercise its right of acceptance /withdrawal.

  1. Step 3: Following the payment of the down payment agreed between the parties, SH informs the requesting Structure of the name of the professional appointed to conduct the audit, who defines a plan Detailed audit which will be sent to the Structure before the fixed date. The date of the visit is agreed between SH and the Structure in accordance with their needs.

The evaluation of the structure is carried out by a representative of SH through visual inspection, detailed visit of the requesting structure, meetings and direct interviews with managers and employees, tests and inspections of certain equipment of security, examination of plans, policies and procedures relating to safety and security systems.

Depending on the size, characteristics and location of the Structure, the audit lasts at least n. 6 (six) hours.

The purpose of the audit is to analyze and evaluate the Structure according to the criteria of the chosen certification. The assessment process encompasses various aspects of security, including strategic security planning, management of security policies and procedures, areas related to the physical structure, active and passive alarm and surveillance systems, access control and of suppliers, the management and training of personnel in matters of safety and prevention.

The result of the evaluation audit consists of a report including the findings, the information collected, the subsequent evaluation and any improvement reports. A copy of the report, countersigned by the Structure, will be issued directly by the SH professional who carried out the audit and by the Structure itself. Within 10 working days from the date of conclusion of the audit, the Structure must finalize the payment of the audit and will receive the results of the certification.

If the structure is suitable and meets the criteria, it will receive the certificate attesting the certification and the status of the structure on the SH map will be updated with the wording “Certified ” with the addition of the level of SH certification obtained.

In the event that the structure does not reflect some non-mandatory criteria and parameters, the structure will receive the required certification in addition to recommendations with the indication of making changes or improvements.< /p>

In the event that the structure is not suitable in terms of mandatory and preparatory parameters, SH will issue the certification chosen by the customer only if within 6 months from the delivery date of the final evaluation it will fulfill to all those corrective actions that will make it possible to satisfy the mandatory and preparatory reference criteria.

  1. Step 4: The certificate certifies the compliance of the Structure and can be issued by SH only if the Structure complies with the criteria and parameters of the chosen certification with the exceptions expressed in the previous chapter. The certificate is valid for one year and the date of first issue coincides with the date of issue of the certificate; upon its expiry it can be reissued annually against the positive evaluation expressed by SH based on the results of the renewal procedure.

Together with the certificate, the Structure will also receive the material (stickers) to be displayed in the premises of the Structure within 2 (two) months of its issue.

Any provision that modifies or revokes the valid certification involves the destruction of the certificate.

General Conditions

Please read these general conditions of use. By using the Security Hotels service, the requesting structure accepts these T&Cs. This also includes the online payment of the initial fee for booking the service.

The service is provided for individual accommodation facilities and university campuses or similar. The service may not be copied in any electronic, digital, computer or paper format and/or used for other premises, places, buildings, sites, companies or organizations.

In the event that there are multiple Structures of the same hotel chain or hotel company or similar, it is necessary to request certification for each individual structure belonging to the aforementioned group. Discounts may be applied to prices for services provided to multiple establishments of the same chain or hotel group or similar.

The intellectual property, rights, logo, brand, certificates, content and commercial concept of the service belong exclusively to Security Hotels and the requesting structure has no right on the above.

The Security Hotels brand and logo are and remain the property of Kriptia and may only be used with prior authorization and agreement with Kriptia.

The requesting structure, in completing Step 2 of the service and in delivering the documents or information requested as part of the service, will provide, to the best of its knowledge, accurate and up-to-date information .

For online payment services, the Accommodation is directed to a recognized third-party online payment service. The choice and decision to use this service is entirely up to the requesting structure. By using the third party online payment service, Security Hotels shall not be liable for any losses, damages, expenses and claims, including consequential losses, arising from the use of the third party online payment service.

Disclaimer or limitation of liability

All services provided by Security Hotels hereunder will be performed in a professional manner in line with generally accepted standards in the security industry. The requesting facility and SH are aware that the granting and use of the services by the facility do not constitute a warranty, implied or otherwise, that no loss, death, injury or damage will occur.

The certification service is provided as a commitment by the facility to provide the service to its guests, visitors, employees, contractors and any other third parties who visit or stay at the facility. The latter also undertakes, where reasonable, to indemnify, defend and hold SH harmless from any claim, demand, liability, cost, damage, settlement payment, judgment or expense, including attorneys’ fees, arising from any loss, injury or damage suffered by one or more users of the facility, unless caused by gross negligence or willful misconduct by SH, its employees, professionals or contractors.

In no event shall SH, its employees, professionals or contractors be held liable – unless there is evidence of direct and proven gross negligence or willful and unreasonable misconduct – for consequential or other damages arising out of the performance of this service or the fulfillment of the provisions or objectives of this certification service.

Changes and Jurisdiction

These T&Cs may be changed from time to time. In case of modification by SH, the new T&C will be available on the securityhotels.com website and the certified establishment will be informed accordingly. Any communication relating to these T&Cs must be sent to info@securityhotels.com, unless otherwise provided for in these terms of use.

The jurisdiction of these T&C is governed by Italian laws and related provisions.

GDPR and protection of personal data and information

SH takes the security and protection of the information of certified Structures extremely seriously. SH has active anti-spam measures to prevent customer Structures from receiving unsolicited commercial e-mails; however, it does not guarantee that the aforementioned Accommodations will never receive SPAM.

The Properties agree to indemnify SH and any employee or professional from and against any and all liability for losses, damages, expenses and claims, including consequential losses arising from SPAM relating to the services and ‘unauthorized use of logos, trademarks and any names relating to SH.

All documents, plans, checklists, security procedures or images obtained from SH are archived on secure platforms and clouds. This data is not accessible to third parties.

If you have any comments regarding the misuse of the GDPR, Data Protection, Privacy, Security and Spam Policy, please send an email to address: info@securityhotels.com.

SH complies with European data protection legislation and the GDPR in the processing of all personal data provided by the Accommodations. All data and information relating to a facility are deleted when a member requests termination of service, withdraws from the contract or loses the privilege of SH certification without continuing with the renewal of the same.

SH shall not be liable for any loss, destruction, alteration or disclosure of a facility’s data caused by any third party, including third party online payment services and third party data companies used in connection with the Services, unless gross negligence is proven, as set out in the “Disclaimer or Limitation of Liability” section of these T&C.