Our Certifications

Certify Your Structure

Through Security Hotel you can share with your customers the security standards applied in your structures making your business resilient and secure.  The list of our certified structures is periodically updated and sent to the major tour operators and corporate TMs (TRAVEL MANAGERS).

Below you will find the certifications we provide.

Essential Certification

“Essential” certification identifies a facility that meets minimum standards of hygiene and safety for its clients.

Aimed at small facilities that need minimum safety standards and do not handle large client flows.

Tourism Certification

“TOURISM” certification identifies a facility that meets hygiene and safety standards for its customers and offers additional services.

Aimed at facilities aimed primarily at a tourist clientele and which must guarantee safety standards for a trouble-free stay.

Business Certification

BUSINESS” certification allows for the identification of a facility that holds high standards in hygiene and safety for its clients and offers additional services useful for conducting business abroad.

Aimed at level facilities that must ensure high safety standards and adequate services for an audience mostly composed of traveling personnel and business men.