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We certify hotels around the world.

We are an independent organization with expertise in the security of properties and traveling personnel, leveraging our worldwide network of advisors to certify the security level of hotel facilities.

About The Service

We assess your structure's risks

If you own a hotel, you probably know that today it is important that customers feel safe and secure throughout their entire visit. Only experienced security & hospitality professionals can certify this.

Some threats to the facility and customers

Theft and Intrusion

Damage to assets an structures

Data Stealing

Sharing of confidential information

Terroris Attacks

Targeting the country or location

Protests and Demonstrations

Near or within the facility

Natural Disasters

Affecting the location of the facility

About Us

Who is Security Hotels

SecurityHotels is an independent organization specializing in security & hospitality that, leveraging its worldwide network of advisors, offers an objective risk assessment service for hotel facilities.

SecurityHotels certifies properties that want to improve their security.

Security in hotels involves taking various measures to protect guests and their property, staff and the facility itself. Common security measures in hotels include surveillance cameras, key access control, security personnel and emergency response plans. There are also a number of additional security services that facilities should offer their guests, such as having a safe in the hotel to store valuables and/or documents.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that if places remain safe, our business will also not be affected (not only with respect to health and hygiene measures, but also with respect to all aspects of security related to cyber and new internal and external terrorist threats).

SecurityHotels therefore performs a dual service in this regard: on the one hand, it collaborates with facilities so that they can guarantee high security standards, and on the other hand, it establishes guidelines, and allows facilities to become certified.

Certification, which involves an on-site visit by one of our experts, is a guarantee to the client that the hotel has all the protection standards in place to enable a safe visit.

Hotels and Structures

Are you a Hotel?

Why get certified:

RELIABILITY: Through Security Hotel you can share with your customers the security standards applied in your facilities making your business resilient and secure.

NETWORK: The list of our certified facilities is periodically updated and sent to major tour operators and TM (TRAVEL MANAGER) companies.

Companies and Travel Managers

Are You a Company?

Ensuring your staff on assignment abroad have a certified facility reduces the probability of accidents and ensures compliance with international best practices in accordance with ISO 31030 and Duty of Care.

Through our service you can access a network of certified facilities, which you can use to safely plan your staff’s travel.


Are You a Private Individual?

If you are a private individual with the need to find a safe facility in which to stay, you can view hotels near your destination in our network, analyze their characteristics and the type of certification they have.

If you are not yet familiar with our service, you can also contact us to get a dedicated discount code for the accommodations you have chosen.

Se non conosci ancora il nostro servizio, puoi anche contattarci per ottenere un codice sconto dedicato per le strutture che hai scelto.


Frequently Asked Questions

Security Hotels provides 3 types of certification: the “Essential” certification that focuses on meeting minimum standards of cleanliness and safety, the “Tourism” certification dedicated to accommodations with a focus on tourism, and the “Business” certification (the most comprehensive), aimed at facilities that want to demonstrate high standards of safety and hygiene, suitable for accommodating business guests.

If you are a property owner, and you are not sure if your facility is certifiable, email us at We will show you the best way forward.

You can purchase certifications on our website on the Certifications page, or contact us for more information if you are not sure what product to purchase.

Yes. Our certifications include a visit from our qualified staff. By purchasing the service you agree that your facility will be visited by our staff.

The service has great benefits: you can count on your facility being enrolled within a solid network of safe hotels, and this will allow you to expand your client base. Guests and customers will know, through certification, that they have chosen a secure and welcoming place.

At the time of purchase you can choose to pay by Credit Card, PayPal or Bank Transfer.

If you have more questions or want more information about our service, please contact us at

Who will benefit from SecurityHotels certification

The service has great benefits for the entire hotel establishment: owners can count on their establishment being enrolled within a robust network of secure hotels, and this will allow them to expand their clientele. Guests and customers will know, through certification, that they have chosen a secure and welcoming place. Even travel managers, who are in charge of planning corporate travel, can lean on the SecurityHotels network to view the certified facilities closest to their destination locations.


Facility guests (individuals or traveling staff) can book with confidence, knowing that the place to which they will travel has been certified as secure.

Hotel Owners

Property owners will have the benefit of being included in the SecurityHotels network, and thus be easily tracked by those who want to travel safely.

Travel Managers

Travel managers of companies that use the SecurityHotels service will have a database of secure facilities where they can have their employees stay.

Students and Campus

University residences will benefit from an additional prestigious certification within their offerings to students.

So how does the certification process work?

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